Chapter 17

She’s Back!


Minji was finally discharged form the hospital. And the girls would soon continued their schedules with the filming of “Sesame Player” and the practice for the Lunar New Year Dance Battle Special. Eunji had been texting her to come back to the house. It seemed like their parents also wanted to meet her. So, Minji prepared herself to meet her parents and also to introduce Sungyeol to her parents. That morning, she wore a white v-neck tee, oversized woolen knitted cardigan, black skinny jeans, studded furry suede lace up boots and a thick furry winter coat. Sungyeol helped her with her suitcase as she packed up her backpack.

Her dad sent a luxurious car and a chauffeur to pick her up from the hospital. She sat inside the back seat with Sungyeol as the car moved to her house. Infinite and 4 Goddess girls followed in 2 vans behind that car. Minji wanted them to meet their parents as well.


“Miss, it had been a long time since I last saw you,” the chauffeur said.

“You too, Mr Huang. How’s the house? Is my puppies okay?” Minji asked.

“Oh, Harangie, Ppyongie and Ssireumie is healthy as always,” he said.

“Puppies? You don’t tell me you have quite some puppies?” Sungyeol asked.

“Eunji bought them for me a few months ago,” Minji smiled as the car moved into a huge mansion (s).


Minji and Sungyeol went off the car at the front door, welcomed by maids, lining up as they opened the double door entrance. Minji held Sungyeol’s hand as she saw her parents and Eunji came toward them. Meanwhile, Infinite boys were still awed by the big house she had.


“Goo Minji, appa is very sorry I told you I would disown you if you kept insisting to be a star,” Her father came toward her.

“Minji, I miss you,” her mom hugged her.

“Appa, Umma, I missed you too,” Minji said. “And this is your future son-in-law, Lee Sungyeol,” She introduced Sungyeol to her parents.

“What a fine young man. Thanks for taking care our Minji,” Mrs. Goo said as he patted Sungyeol shoulder.

“You’re way better that the previous one she had,” Mr. Goo joked.

“Appa, don’t talk about him pretty please?” Minji pouted.

“Ask your friends to come in and join the lunch together,” Mrs. Goo said.

“Guys, My parents wanted to have lunch with you guys, so come on,” Minji said as the boys and also the girls followed her to the huge luxurious dining room.

“Umma, don’t you wanna know Unni’s friends?” Eunji said.

“Yes, of course. Minji dear, won’t you introduce your friends?” She asked.

“Oh, that light brown haired guys with small eyes is Sunggyu oppa, he’s the eldest of us all, and you know Yeonhee unni, she’s the second eldest. The 3rd eldest is Sungeun Unni, my childhood friend. That guy who looked slightly like Sergeant Pororo, his name is Dongwoo oppa, he’s the 4th eldest. The greasy handsome man there, he’s the 5th eldest, Nam Woohyun. That handsome man over there, is Lee Howon, he’s the 6th eldest. You know this young man, he’s my boy. That cool looking boy beside him is Myungsoo, and he is a year younger than me. And these two maknaes, Lee Sungjong and Hyesoo,” Minji Introduced all of them.

“Minji ah, you guys will be staying here right?” her father asked.

“Yes, appa. Of course,” Minji nodded as everyone nodded in sync.

“Then you can use your private pavilion,” He smiled. “I told the maids to clean it for you and your friends,” he continued.

“Once more, You’ll take over Hara’s pavilion and family inheritance. This is my will,” Mr. Goo whispered to Minji’s ear, earning a frown on Minji’s eyes. “I knew what Hara did to you, dear,” He said as he patted his daughter’s shoulder.

“Thanks, appa. I love you,” Minji pecked her father’s cheeks.

“What about Dubu, nurungie, and Chocó?” Hoya asked.

“I told the Manager oppas to take them here to play with my puppies,” Minji answered.

“You have puppies?” Sunggyu asked.

“Yes, they are in my mansion, they are Harangie, Ppyongie, and Ssireumie,” Minji smiled.



Sungyeol, Hoya and Woohyun stayed in Minji’s pavilion with the girls and the puppies while Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Sungjong and L stayed in Hara’s pavilion, which was located on the left side of Minji’s pavilion. Since Minji was the eldest of 3, she had the biggest Pavilion at the back of the main pavilion. The pavilion itself had 3 big bedrooms with a bathroom in each, a private dining room, a big library, a living room, a dog play area with dog houses and all kennel necessities, and a private swimming pool. in the pavilion, Minji had her private maids who were in charge of cleaning, taking care of the puppies, cooking, and taking care of her wardrobes.


“Look! Dubu got herself a boyfriend!” Dongwoo pointed at Harangie, which was trying to tease Dubu by nibbling Dubu’s ear.

“Choco meets his girlfriend as well,” Sunggyu pointed at Choco, which was trying to tease Ppyongie with his paw.

“Woa, look at the lovey-dovey couple there,” L pointed at Nurungie and Ssireumie which were sharing a Dog bite bone for both of them.

“Nurungie and Ssireumie looked like someone there,” Sungjong pointed at Minji and Sungyeol who were sitting on the couch in the living room, cuddling each other, watching TV and enjoying two cups of hot cocoa.


L took a picture of Nurungie and Ssireumie as well as Minji and Sungyeol with his phone and edited the photos and posted it on his personal twitter account.


INFINITELKIM Look! There are no differences between these two couples.. The only difference was Jji noona and Yeol hyung got together way before Nurungie met his girl..kkkkk~~



Sunggyu took a picture of Dubu and Harangie and posted the picture on his twitter account as well;

Leadergyu The new members of Woollim family~~ Dubu got herself a boyfriend! Say hello to Harangie..ㅋㅋㅋ~~빠빰~~



That day, the house was filled with happiness. Minji finally reunited with her family and Minji’s parents finally met Her daughter’s future husband. Her father talked with both of them after the dinner that day about the engagement party for both of them. Sungyeol asked if Mr and Mrs. Goo could give more time for him to get more affectionate and closer with Minji before the engagement party was held. they had only been together for less than a year. so, Mr and Mrs. Goo agreed to give them more time until the lunar new year came.

"Appa, Thanks for giving us more time to get closer to each other," Minji smiled and hugged his father, feeling the warmth of his father’s hug after such time without him.

"Changmo-nim, thank you for understanding us," Sungyeol said to Minji’s mom as he bowed.

"It’s Okay, kids. You both took a wise choice and I’m proud of both of you," Mrs. Goo said and patted Sungyeol’s back.

"Now, have your time with your friends, and have some rest. and you,dear. i hope your surgery stitches is alright," Mr. Goo said.

"I love you, appa, umma," Minji said and hugged her parents.

"We love you more, dear," her parents said.


Chapter 16

Love Letter


From: Maknae Eunji

Minji unni, I miss you.. when are you coming home?

Can I visit you to the dorm?

Love, -eunji-


Minji read the message from her younger sister, Goo Eunji. She missed her indeed. But, she couldn’t go back to that house. Her father would legally disown her if she came back to that house in the state of being known nationwide even worldwide. Hara, her twin would have thickened her face and come back home, and brag about how successful she was and get the acknowledgements from their parents. Minji wasn’t the type who brags much about her achievements. So, she didn’t have the guts to go home.

Sungyeol who was beside her took a peek on her phone. He realized that her expression got darkened when she finished reading the message. She laid herself on the bed and back faced Sungyeol. She hid her sadness and silently cried. Sungyeol knew his girlfriend was crying there was nothing he could do but caressed her hair and try to sing her favorite songs. Sungyeol tried everything to stop her from crying. But, it ended up making her crying more and more.


“Sungyeol ah, I miss Eunji so bad,” She cried; leaning her head on Sungyeol’s chest.

“Calm down, baby. I know your feelings. Just cry, don’t bottle it up yourself. I’ll go call Eunji and tell her to come to the hospital,” Sungyeol said as he pulled out his hand phone out of his pocket.

“She had never known about this. I don’t want her to worry about me, baby,” Minji said as she took Sungyeol’s phone away.

“She had to know what happened to you, baby. She’s the only one you need now beside me, the girls, the hyungs, L and Sungjong,” Sungyeol said as he took back his phone and texted Eunji.


To: Eunji (Jji’s sister)

Eunji ya, yeol oppa will pick you up at school today.

Meet me at the school lobby at 3pm right after the school finished.

Unni is at hospital; I’ll get you there

-yeol oppa-


“I’m off to pick up your sister, Jji. Have a rest. Howon and Soo will visit you later on,” Sungyeol said as he bent down and Kissed Minji’s forehead.

“Minji noona,” A boy came inside the ward just after Sungyeol left.

“Lee Jeongmin, congrats, you’re now graduated,” Minji smiled.

“Eh? How do you know?” He tilted his head.

“Aigoo, look at your uniform and that certificate roll you brought,” Minji pointed as she let out a little giggle.

“feeling better?” he asked.

“Of course, Jeong. I guess the doctor will discharge me soon,” Minji laughed.

“Jji, we’re here,” Hoya and Hyesoo came inside the room.

“Oh, Annyeonghaseyo,” Jeongmin bowed to Hoya and Hyesoo.

“Unni, Jeongminnie, look what we bring,” Hyesoo held up freshly baked kanchos and 4 cups of hot Americano for them.

“Ho, Soo, thankyou~” Minji smiled.

“Jeongmin ssi, you can join with us,” Hoya smiled as he handed Jeongmin a cup of hot Americano.

“You know, guys. Jeongmin is graduated already. He went into the same year as Soo and Jiho,’ Minji said.

“I knew it, unni. He’s the smartest in our class,” Hyesoo said. “Me, Channie, Jihoonie, Hyunjinnie and Sungjongie were always below his scores. He was competing with Jiho oppa in the top 2 students,” She continued.

“You should go study with him, soo,” Hoya teased.

“No! Howon oppa should get a private algebra class with him. I knew your bad at algebra,” Hyesoo teased Hoya back.


Sungyeol drove his car to Seoul School of Arts to pick Eunji up. Eunji was a junior student in that school all together with Boyfriend’s 3Min, X-5’s Sulhu, A-Pink’s Na Eun, Namjoo, and My Name’s Chaejin. She took the specialty in Orchestra and music arrangement. Eunji herself is a smart and bright student among all the students there. She had won several piano competitions and her works had been featured in some of famous Korean drama OSTs. She never failed to make Minji proud of her.

Eunji was walking with Sulhu, Namjoo, Chaejin and Minwoo to the parking lot when she read Sungyeol’s message. ‘Sungyeol oppa is waiting for me. I wonder what happened to my sister’ she thought as she walked together with her friends.


“Eunji ah, what are you thinking about?” Sulhu asked.

“It’s nothing, Jinwan ah,” she lied as she started to adjust into the talk.

“Hey, Eunji, you are our best friend for years, I knew you lied,” Namjoo flung her arm around Eunji’s shoulder.

“You must be hiding something from us,” Chaejin guessed.

“Yeah, noona. Tell us what happened,” Minwoo pouted. He was a few months younger than Eunji and he always called Eunji by ‘noona’ ever since they first became friends.

“My unni is at hospital. It seemed like it had been weeks she has been staying there. But I had just received the news bout her today. And her boyfriend is here to pick me up,” Eunji said.

“Hey, we’re all going there with you, Eunji yaa~ me want to meet noona. It had been years since we met her the last time,” Sulhu said.

“Is it okay, Jinnie?” Eunji looked at Chaejin.

“Of course, I missed your sister as well, Eunji ya,” Chaejin said and smiled as they approached Sungyeol’s car.

“Oppa, they wanted to visit unni with us. Can we?” Eunji asked.

“Yeah, Jji would be pleased to meet you guys,” Sungyeol nodded and opened the front seat for Eunji as all the kids got into the back seat.

“Hyung, how’s noona’s condition?” Minwoo asked.

“She got better than the last time the boys visited, Minwoo ya,” Sungyeol drove the car to the hospital.

“How come you know this, woo ya,” Eunji asked.

“Donghyunie hyung saw the incident when noona fainted after her goodbye stage,” Minwoo explained.

“Jji doesn’t want you to worry for her, Maknae,” Sungyeol smiled and ruffled Eunji’s hair with one of his hand. While the other hand busy controlling the steering wheel.


Meanwhile, at the hospital, the boys along with Ji-Ae and Baby Soul were visiting Minji. And the doctor examining Minji delivered good news that Minji would be discharged by the following weeks, earning a silent cheer from the visitors who missed Minji already. Jeongmin stay a little bit longer since everyone welcomed him to join the so-called “Family Time”. Woohyun came with a gloomy face. Seemed a little bit avoiding Yeonhee. He talked to the others except Yeonhee.


“Namu oppa, what happened?” Minji asked.

“Jji, I’m heart broken,” He shrugged.

“Why should? I thought you and Hee unni had been dating for some times,” Minji asked.

“Haewon came to your dorm to ask for an apology last night and that was when I was there, seeing them hugging each other,” Woohyun said.

“Oppa, I don’t know what Yeonhee unni was thinking that time. But I wanted her to grow in love with you not to do this to you,” Minji hugged Woohyun.

“Jji, I don’t know what to say. Should I forfeit this game and let Haewon win?” Woohyun buried his face under his palms and sighed.

“Andwae, you are much better that Haewon. Haewon had already done that 7 months hook up. And I hope this unni realizes that you love her more than Haewon wanted her,” Minji said.

“Jji, what would I do without you? I’m going to die out of frustration now if there’s no you,” Woohyun said. “What can I do for you?” He continued as he did some aegyo in return.

“Please don’t do that aegyo in front of me. I would like to see my oppas happy just like what I feel when I’m with Sungyeollie and all of you guys here,” Minji smiled.


Just when they finished talking, Sungyeol, Eunji and Eunji’s friends came into the ward and found the crowded ward.


“I thought I only called Howonnie and Hyesoo to come. How come there are a lot of Howonnie and Hyesoos here,” Sungyeol laughed.

“You know the technology called mobile phone, right, dude?” Hoya said.

“Yea, the more the merrier, you know,” Hyesoo supported Hoya.

“Can’t we come here, oppa?” Ji-Ae and Baby Soul pouted.

“I missed Ji-Ae and Soojungie though, yeollie. Can’t we have a family time like this,” Minji added.

“I have a surprise with me though,” Sungyeol said.

“Unni,” Eunji came to Minji with a bouquet of flower.

“Noona,” Chaejin followed her.

“Noona, we miss you,” Sulhu said and came closer with his friends.

“Unni, I’ve just heard it from Woo and Sungyeol oppa, I hope you get well soon,” Namjoo beamed.

“Noona, I can’t wait to film Sesame Player with you and the rest of the noonas,” Minwoo said.

“Wait, you guys. I miss you, Eunji. You are the only family I have,” Minji smiled and hugged her sister.

“I missed you too, Unni. You know mom wanted you back,” She said.

“But, dad watched me on TV right? And he was flipping over like crazy, right?” Minji tried to be funny.

“Yeah, but dad saw you shone on the stage. He wanted to apologize to you and he asked you to come and visit us sometimes,” Eunji said.

“And teach us private lessons like before,” Chaejin said.

“Oh, Jinnie. You have your brothers at home to teach you,” Minji said and smiled.

“Noona, they couldn’t teach like you did to us,” Chaejin wailed, earning a huge laughter in the room.

“I miss my eternal noona,” Sulhu said as he hugged Minji.

“Jinwan ah, you have a lot of hyungs in your dorm. Missing a noona won’t be a big deal right,” Minji smiled followed by a laugh from everybody.

“But they bullied me noona,” he pouted.

“Sungjongie hyung will help you on this. He often got bullied to do house chores,” Minji smiled as everyone in the room laughed.



Chapter 15

Schedules and Love Life.


Finally, Debut promotional activities finished. The last goodbye stage had been conducted on Inkigayo later that day. And Minji was rushed to the hospital to receive immediate surgery on her cyst. She fainted right after the show finished. All Infinite members and 4 Goddess members were waiting impatiently outside the surgery room. The only members who knew the real thing why she had been rushed to the hospital were Sungyeol, Sunggyu, and Sungeun, leaving the others and the managers clueless.

Yeonhee insisted Sungeun to tell her about Minji’s condition. But, no matter how hard she insisted, Sungeun strongly refused to tell the truth and made up something else instead. Yeonhee gave up and leaned on Woohyun’s shoulder, waiting for the result given by the doctors who did the surgery.


“Noona,” L sat beside Sungeun and held her trembling hand.

“Myungsoo ya,” Sungeun smiled and leaned on L’s shoulder.

“Jji noona pushed herself to her limit. I hope nothing gets wrong,” L comforted Sungeun.

“She had done her best indeed,” Sungeun smiled gently.

“Hyung, What if something happened to Jji?” Sungyeol whispered to Sunggyu.

“Believe me, yeol ah. Nothing will happen. She will be okay,” Sunggyu patted Sungyeol’s shoulder and tried to keep his facial expression calm.


The doctor went out of the surgery room; removing his mask covering his nose and mouth,


“Relatives of Miss Goo?” He asked as Sunggyu stood up.

“I am his step brother,” he lied. Her parents refused to come even though Sungeun and Hyesoo had attempted several times to call them.

“We successfully removed the cyst. But, she was now in her critical stage due to blood loss. We need someone with the same blood type as Goo Minji, B+” The doctor stated.

“Me! Take mine, doctor. I have the same blood type as her,” Sungyeol raised his hand and stood up.

“You can go with us to the lab to get several tests before you give your blood to the patient,” The doctor said as he led Sungyeol to the laboratory.

“Lee Sungyeol nim, you can donate your blood to the patient, you can go to her room and proceed the blood transfer to hers,” The doctor said after he studied the lab result of Sungyeol’s blood check.

Sungyeol laid on the bed; side by side with his lover. His tears trailed down his cheeks. “Jji, Please live, I’m willing to let my blood runs in your veins to keep you alive,” He whispered.


Sunggyu came inside the room, watching Minji lying on the bed with her eyes closed, breathing slowly and steadily behind those breath supportive devices. “It’s time for you to stop acting strong, Jji. We are here for you, all of us. Don’t hide anything from us” he said deep in his heart. Meanwhile, outside the ward, Sungeun decided to tell what was really going on to all of the members. And everyone was in a shock, hearing that Minji was struggling herself from that kind of suffering the whole promotion activities without complaining how painful and how hard is it to hold back her pain. That day was the climax of her suffering. And Sungeun also asked all the members not to talk about it when she wakes up later on.


“She keeps it herself. She didn’t want us to worry for her and make herself a burden for us,” Sungeun explained.

“She is strong, I am proud of her,” Dongwoo eased his tears.

“Yeah, Minji noona is working really hard to hide it from us. I really thought she was only having a gastritis pain,” L said. This was the first time tears trailed down his cheeks rapidly.

“Guys, you all can visit her tomorrow night. Sungyeol is inside, sleeping. I’ll take care of both of the lovebirds,” Sunggyu said calmly, letting all of them went back to their dorm.



Minji had to be hospitalized for at least 3 weeks. That means, 4 Goddess had to go on theirs schedule with 3 girls instead. Fans showed their attention for Minji by sending presents and flowers to her. Boyfriend and Block B also visited after they heard the news. Zico and Jaehyo rushed inside her ward soon after they got the news. B2st boys who had just got back from their overseas schedule immediately visited her as well.

But, Hyunseung was having a cold war with Sungeun due to the Kissing scene he did secretly with Hyuna without telling her and she watched it directly on the TV.


“Unni, please, don’t fight with Hyun oppa,” Minji said weakly.

“Come on, Eun ah. it was just a scripted stage,” Doojoon tried to get them together.

“Sungeun ah, Jalmothaesseo. I beg your forgiveness, dear. You know I really really love you till the end of my life,” Hyunseung knelt down beside the couch where Sungeun was sitting.

“Unni, please stop the fight,” Hyesoo said.

“I need time, Jang Hyunseung. You had pulled the nerves out of me. Don’t you know how jealous am i?” she asked.

“Hyun oppa, can we talk outside for a bit?” Minji said as Sungyeol and Hyesoo helped her to sit on the wheel chair.

“Jji, is it okay for you?” Doojoon and Dongwoon asked as they saw Minji wincing in pain.

“I need to fix this mess, Dongwoon ah. give me 5 minutes to talk to Hyun oppa,” Minji said.

“But, let me go with you, baby,” Sungyeol said as he pushed the wheel chair, “Sung noona, come with us, I beg you,” Sungyeol said.

Sungeun, Sungyeol, Minji, and Hyunseung went outside the room to clear the problem.

“So, Unni. I let you to be angry just now. just let it all out, what are you feeling,” Minji said.

“Jang Hyunseung, I appreciate you of being a hard worker to save up for our engagement party and so.

 But who told you not to tell me what job were you taking and what risks you should face? Don’t you know I was heart broken when I saw those recording on TV?

Why on earth would you do this to me?

You can’t just dance around the stage and kissing someone else without telling me, ” Sungeun said; tears welled up from her eyes.

“Baby, I’m sorry not to tell you the truth. I was just thinking too much about our upcoming engagement and I forgot to tell you,” Hyunseung knelt on the floor, searching for an apology.

“You should’ve told me about that way before I saw that with my own eyes, Hyun ah.” Sungeun back faced Hyunseung; crying secretly.

“Guys, you’re both adults, I’ll let you finish your own problems from now on. I will go inside. Please come in when you guys have solved everything,” Minji said as Sungyeol strolled the wheel chair back to her ward.


Sungyeol helped his lover to lay herself on the bed. He put the IV on the pole beside her bed. Doojoon and Yoseob sat on the couch along with the others, waiting for Sungeun and Hyunseung to finish their fight. Not long after that, Hyunseung and Sungeun came into the room holding each other’s hand, smiling. Everyone sighed in relieve when they saw the almost-6-years-dating couple back as usual.


The managers came to visit Minji the other day. Announcing several new schedules for the girls. The new schedules included Woollim Christmas project which would be released on December 24th, Sesame Player season 3 Fusion which would feature 4 members of Boyfriend, and MBC Dance Battle Christmas Special which would feature them together with My Name’s Kang Insoo, Kim Seyong, Chae Jinseok, and Junkyu.


“Hyungmin Hyung, are you sure their schedule is going to start by next week? how about Jji’s condition?” Dongwoo asked.

“Well, the first episode of Sesame Player will be filmed here, and My Name members will probably come to talk about the dance battle by this Friday,” Hyungmin answered.

“What was that? Oppa, please reconsider it, don’t you think Jji would probably collapsed considering she was in the state of recovery?” Yeonhee asked.

“We’ve signed the contract, Hee. I couldn’t cancel the contract unless we have to pay for our cancellation,” He said.

“Just make sure, you don’t get my girl overworked, hyung,” Sungyeol said and nodded his head.

“Sungyeol ah, I am not a baby. I just need to recover this operation stitches and I’m ready to film anything,” Minji said as she pinched Sungyeol’s cheek lightly.

"Just make sure you could stand the pressure of tight, schedule, you little cry baby," Dongwoo smiled and playfully smirked at her.

"Look who’s coming? aren’t they Boyfriend boys?" Hyesoo asked pointing at the window.

"Yeah, i thought we’re gonna film sesame player next week," Sungeun pouted.

"Minji Noona," A boy popped out behind the door.

"Kwangmin ah, come in. what brings you guys here?" Minji said.

"We just want to visit you, noona. i heard you were rushed to the hospital last sunday after performing at inkigayo," Youngmin said.

"How come all of you know about that?" Minji asked.

"Donghyun hyung saw you when you fainted at the backstage," Minwoo said.

"Ah, i see," Minji said.

"So, 4 of us came to tell you girls also that we are the 4 appointed members to do  the ‘sesame player’ with noonas and hyesoo," Hyunseong said.

"Ah! so, this cute baby woo is going to be featured as one of our partners for Kkaeal player?" Sungeun beamed.

"yeah, noona," Minwoo smiled slyly.

"I guess, we’ll meet for another briefing next week. but, we can have some coffee time together here," Yeonhee suggested.

"Since we don’t have any schedules left for today, We’ll go for coffee with you guys," Sunggyu said.

"Coffee for 15?" Hyesoo said.

"Hahaha, yeah, we’ll need to book the whole coffee shop for us," Hoya laughed.


Sesame Player season 3 fusion teaser

Sesame Player season 3 fusion teaser

Chapter 14

Hello, We Are The Shining Girls, 4 Goddess!


The girls in the midst of M-Net M! Countdown filming that day. The crew for the show took their pictures and posted in their twitter account. Their debut stage would be 7 minutes long; they would perform 2 songs, “Love Strings’ and ‘The time I fell for you’. And that time, they were busy getting their make up done and so on. Infinite boys were there to cheer for them. Even Tablo, who mentored infinite and had already moved to YGE later that year, came to support the girls. He was also doing a stage on the music show. B2ST sent a huge flower board congratulating their debut stage as well.  

Nervous enough for the stage, Minji and Hyesoo brought their fluffy stuffed teddy bears to release their nervousness. But, their nervousness didn’t stay for too long. As soon as the boys came and broke the awkward silence in the waiting room, everything went normal. No more stage fright. The boys were busy taking selcas with the girls before their first debut stage.


“Ssoo~ new dunks!” Hoya came and gave a box for Hyesoo.

“Eh? Oppa, you don’t need to buy me,” Hyesoo blushed.

“Present for your hard work along these years. It’s a couple shoes. Look! I wear one,” he showed up the purple dunks he wore.

“Oppa, gomawo,” Hyesoo smiled and kissed Hoya’s cheek.

“Jji,” Sungyeol back hugged Minji and showed a necklace he bought for her.

“Yeol ah, the pendant is cute!” Minji smiled. The pendant was a custom made pendant with Korean letters written on it. It reads ‘성열이의 영원한 사랑 . 

“Look at my neck,” Sungyeol whispered as Minji turned her body to take a look at Sungyeol’s neck, “I Am Minji’s forever,” Minji read it in a whisper as a tear streamed down her cheek.

“Jji, uljima,” Sungyeol hugged his girl.

“I love you, yeol ah,” she said and tightened the hug.

“Noona~” Woohyun jumped happily doing bunch of bunny aegyo in front of Yeonhee.

“Woohyun ah, stop it. I like it, but you did it too much,” Yeonhee blushed.

“You like it right, noona?” Woohyun smiled and teased the girl.

“I told you, right. But don’t do it too much or I’ll refuse to be your lover,” Yeonhee joked.

“Please, noona. Don’t do that to me,” He pouted.

 Sunggyu walked to Sungeun and handed her a bouquet of flowers. He wanted to show a sincere support to the girls through those symbolic things. 

“Sungeun ah, I hope you girls do well on stage. We’ll be watching you guys from the very front row,” He said.

“Thanks, Gyu. We’ll show you guys and also  the fans all our best,” Sungeun smiled and accepted the flowers.

“4 Goddess, you girls are up next on stage,” the stage directors reminded.

“Girls, do your best for all,” Sungeun gathered the girls up.

“4 Goddess, We are Shining~” the girls shouted in unison as they walked to the stage set.

The stage finished and the girls were back in the room, getting themselves changed into their daily clothes. Their performance was stunning. Even boyfriend and B1A4 who performed on that show later that day were amazed when they monitored the girls’ performances. When the girls went out of the changing room, getting ready to go back to their dorm, Boyfriend boys were waiting for them. They excitedly shook each of the girls’ hand to congratulate them for their debut. Donghyun even stated that they wanted to make friends with the girls.


“We’d like to make friends with you boys as well,” Sungeun shook Donghyun’s hand.

“Our maknae went to the same college as Hyunseong ssi, by the way,” Yeonhee smiled and pointed on Hyesoo.

“Oh! Yeah, I’ve seen her quite a lot in the class,” Hyunseong smiled and nodded to Hyesoo.

“Yeah, I know you too. You’re my classmate in Music etiquette and Music history,” Hyesoo smiled.

“Yeah, by the way, I am Hyunseong,” he offered a handshake.

“I’m Hyesoo. I hope we can be friends,” Hyesoo shook his hand and smiled.

“Congratulations for your debut, Hyesoo ya,” Hyunseong said sincerely. Showing his cute smile.

“Noona, I love your rapping style,” The tall boy with rounded eyes and strong jaw line said to Minji.

“Ah, thanks. And you are?” Minji smiled and asked him.

“Oh, I am Jo Kwangmin and he is my twin, Jo Youngmin,” He introduced himself as he dragged a cute dark-blondy boy looking quite a bit a like him.

“Boys, they need to get home, so are we. I guess, we’ll meet you girls tomorrow in Music Bank studio,” Donghyun said and bowed.

“See you tomorrow then,” Sungeun smiled and waved her hand.


Since that time, Boyfriend and 4 Goddess had been good friends. They even swapped their signed albums each other during the break in a music program. They supported each other during the shows. Minji, Hyesoo, Jeongmin and Minwoo even appeared together in an episode of “Happy Together”. 4 of them-shared silly stories happened during their MV shooting. Their entire story caused laughter in the studio. Even the MCs and all other guests including Infinite’s Hoya and Sunggyu laughed non-stop during the show.

But, Bestfriends (Boyfriend’s fandom) who know about their closeness seemed to oppose their friendship. They started to bash the girls with harsh words. They even sent harsh letters on the girls’ mailbox. On the other hand, Inspirits, Zeus’ and Aphrodites were defending their idols without bashing another idols. They didn’t really want to cause a fan war because of a silly reason. So, they decided to support their idols by being quiet and staying calm instead of roaring around, reacting to those mocks and bashful words coming from bestfriends.


“Girls, Bad news,” Jungryul said in between the practice of Infinites and 4 Goddess.

“What is it, hyung?” Sunggyu asked.

“Our girls had been bad mouthed by some netizens who appeared to be the fans of Boyfriend,” Hyowan said.

“I’ve received some red notes indeed,” Minji showed some red envelope she found inside her locker yesterday.

“This went out of hand,” Sunggyu face palmed his face.

“Oppa, there is nothing wrong. We’re friends with Boyfriend, Block B and B1A4. We don’t do anything wrong. Look at our Inspirits, Zeus and Aphrodites, they support us, right?” Hyesoo said.

“Just tell us if you got anything like Minji’s Red letters,” Hyoan said.

“It’s okay. We won’t be popular without our fans and antis, rite?” Yeonhee smiled.

“That’s our girls,” Woohyun, Hoya, and Sungyeol hugged 3 of the girls.

‘I wish I could hug Sungeun noona, too bad she’s Hyunseung Hyung’s,’ L looked at Sungeun and sighed.

“Myungsoo ya~ Why were you sighing?” Minji asked.

“Nothing, noona,” He said.

“I know you’re hiding something. And the something is related to my team’s leader,” Minji whispered in L’s ear.

“How can you know this?” L asked.

“You can lie, Myungsoo ya. But your eyes tells me everything,” Minji said.

“She’s Hyunseung Hyung’s,” L sighed.

“I know, and you are closer than her boyfriend, Myungsoo ya. You are like a brother to her,” Minji smiled and patted his back.

“Brother would care for you more than your lover does. Brother cries with you when your lover was not around,” L whispered.

“That’s how my brother goes,” Minji smiled as she high-fived L.



Official web page of 4 Goddess Released! Go visit:


This was the tweet from Woollim’s CEO regarding the release of 4 Goddess’ official website along with featured official 4 Goddess’ official fan-page, Zeus & Aphrodite page. The girls checked on the page and went through their Bio’s:

Name: Park Sungeun

Nick Name: Ssung, Sungeun,

Stage Name: U-Nique

Birthdate: August 6th 1989

Position: Leader, Main Vocal, Visual, and Composer

Place of Birth: Washington DC, USA

Hometown: Seoul

Nationality: Korean-American

Position: Leader, Main Vocal, Visual, and Composer

Personality: she’s the middle child of Park family. Was born as the only daughter of the family; she’s got the art blood running in her veins. Her older brother is a part of JYJ, Park  Yoochun, and her younger brother, Park Hyungshik debuted in 2009 as the member of Ze:A. although she was not the eldest of the group, she was appointed as the leader because she was the most responsible and reliable member since 4 of them were on training. She has the most mature thinking out of the 4.

Hobby: Playing Piano, Running, singing, shopping, Music arrangements.

Persona: The Aegyo Leader

Personal Fan Name: Uniquestyle

Name: Lee Yeonhee

Nick: Yeonhee, hee-hee

Stage Name: SoulHee

Birthdate: May 15th 1989

Place Of Birth: Jeonrabok-do

Hometown: Busan, Kyeongsang-do

Nationality: Korean

Position: Lead Rapper, Sub-vocal, mood maker

Personality: She’s the older sister of Lee Howon, the 2nd eldest of the family. She is an easy going girl who likes to play soccer. She also likes to read novels and fanfics during her free time. She is the eldest of the group, but not the leader. Everyone agrees that her sleeping ability equals to L and Dongwoo’s. Yeonhee is best at rapping and making the mood of the group.

Hobby: sleeping, singing, reading fanfics, soccer

Persona: The Sleepy head Rapper

Personal Fan name: Heebaragie

Name: Goo Minji

Nick: Minji, Jji

Stage Name: YoungJji

Birthdate: June 28th 1991

Hometown: Seoul

Place of Birth: Yong-In, Kyunggi-do

Nationality: Korean-Japanese

Position: Main Rapper, Song Writer, Main Dancer, sub-vocal

Personality: The oldest of the twins. Her twin debuted in an idol group under DSP Media, KARA. She ran away from her home to pursue her dream to be an idol. She trained herself rapping and dancing way before she applied to woollim. She is a childish girl who loves to dress up in a boyish style. She was the only member who learns quickly when it comes to foreign language, memorizing lines, dance moves, and cooking. The most cry baby out of the 4. In the same time, she could protect all of the members with her decent martial arts skills. She is bright, bold, yet sometimes tends to hide everything herself without letting everyone knows.

Hobby: Song writing, Rap making, dancing, singing, listening to music, reading, shopping, fashion, piercing, tae kwon do, Athletics

Persona: The sporty childish triple threat

Personal Fan name: Jjipops

Name: Choi Hyesoo

Nick: Ssoo, Soo, Hyesoo

Stage Name: BabySoo

Birthdate: April 15th 1993

Place Of Birth: Seoul

Hometown: Incheon

Nationality: Korean

Personality: The youngest of the family, also the group. Born to be a star, just like her older brother, Choi Minho. Hyesoo has a beautiful S-line body out of the 4. She is sociable, cheerful and lovely. Every member agrees that she has a hidden charisma, which can only be seen when she is dancing on the stage. She loves to socialize with her fans through facebook, fan-café, twitter, me2day, cyworld, and UFO town.

Position: Lead Dancer, Choreographer, Sub-Vocal, Maknae

Hobby: Dancing, Listening to Music, reading, browsing Internet, social media, photography (editing)

Persona: The Shining Charisma Dancing Machine Maknae

Personal Fan Name: Ssoshoes


Chapter 13



November 21st, MV and Mini album release date. This was the day everyone had been waiting for. Good for the girls that everything was done without cancelation. They were about to have their very first debut stage in 3 days. Minji laid herself inside her room. She asked for a day-off after series of exhausting schedules. Major pains in her lower stomach stroke again. This time, twice more painful than what she had the previous days. She told the members that she was only having a gastritis attack and she needed a little of bed rest; so that the members wouldn’t get too worried about her.

The boys came to visit the girl that day. They brought a lot of food and drinks to celebrate 4 Goddess’ debut MV and Mini Album release. L realized that Minji wasn’t there with them in the dining room. So, he asked Yeonhee where Minji was that time. Yeonhee answered exactly like what Minji had told her before. Sunggyu, Sungyeol and L immediately barged into Minji’s room and found the girl was lying on her bed, screeching softly in pain with loads of hot packs around her.


“Jji!” Sunggyu kneeled beside her bed.

“Noona, what happened?” L asked, he cried while he heard Minji’s painful screech.

“Jji, answer me, baby. What happened to you?” Sungyeol whispered on her ear as he kneeled beside her bed.

“Please, bring me my pain killers,” Minji demanded, holding her lower stomach.

“Here, have your dosage,” Sunggyu said, giving her a cup of water and a pain killer pill.

“Have your sleep, we’ll take in your lunch later,” Sunggyu said as she laid on her bed.

“I’ll stay here,” Sungyeol said as he pulled her blanket over her body.

“Myung ah, let’s go,” Sunggyu dragged L out of the room and left both of them inside the room.


As Sunggyu and L came out of her room, everyone gathered and began to shower them with questions about Minji’s condition. Sunggyu, the one who knew the truth, started to tell some ‘white lies’ to them. He wanted everyone not to get too worried about her, just as what she wanted. Sungeun knew that the three of them had been hiding something from all of the members. So, she asked Sunggyu to talk in private with her. She was the one who was really concerned about Minji’s health since they had been together for quite a long time.


“Sunggyu ah, what happened to Jji?” She asked.

“Trust me, Sungeun ah. I told you what I had to tell,” Sunggyu lied.

“I don’t see truth in your eyes, gyu,” She said calmly, but straight to the point.

‘Come on, Park Sungeun, don’t make me blabber about that,’ Sunggyu said in his deep thoughts.

“Please, gyu. I beg you to tell me what really happened this past few days? Why Jji always brought a lot of hot packs inside her bag?” she began to cry.

“Sungeun ah. I don’t know where to start. I was feeling painful when I saw her,” sunggyu’s tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Tell me about Jji. Jebal,” she cried.

“Jji had been suffering from a 10 cm cyst inside her womb, Sungeun ah. That’s why she had a serious stomachache whenever she got her period or when she felt over tired. I’ve searched about that kind of cyst. And it has to be removed before it reached some serious stages,” Sunggyu said. He couldn’t handle his tears anymore.

“Jji,” Sungeun buried her face inside her palms and cried.

“She’d been hiding it from all of us so that she won’t have to cancel your debut stage due to her private condition,” Sunggyu said and hugged Sungeun.

“She’s always acting strong whenever she feels vulnerable,” Sungeun said.

“Trust her, Sungeun ah. She’d be okay until you finished your debut promotions,” Sunggyu said and patted her back.

“So, won’t you guys tell us what happened to Jji?” Hoya suddenly butted himself in the conversation with a cup of hot milk in his hand.

“Hyung, noona, please tell us what she’d been hiding from us,” L asked. He seemed to feel the pain she was feeling.

“Howon, Myung, get back to the dining room, we will prepare the lunch. she was having her gastritis attack. Another late meal would be fatal for her health,” Sungeun wiped her tears and snapped herself back to reality.



Sunggyu cooked porridge and kimchi soup for lunch with the helping hands of Hyesoo and Hoya. Hyesoo was originally Minji’s roommate. The maknae line stayed in one room while the elder line shared another room. He left the kitchen with the porridge, soup, and a glass of warm water on a tray for Minji. The rest of the boys and the girls didn’t really know about what happened to Minji that time. When he arrived at her room, he heard Minji was singing a song with Sungyeol, L, Hoya, and Hyesoo. He stopped by and listened to what they were singing.


“The words that I could not say, I love you. Is the word I really wanted to tell you,”  Sunggyu heard Sungyeol’s part in “Voice of my heart” was sang from the room.

Sunggyu carefully listened to the whole song. Tears slowly streamed down his cheeks.

“Minji ya, I brought you your lunch,” He knocked on the door.

“Oh, oppa. Come in,” she said as Sunggyu got into the room. L was still playing the guitar.

“Come on, Jji. Have your lunch first. Or else, you’ll get your gastritis and rest a little longer,” Hoya said.

“Yeah, unni. Don’t get sick like before. you know, hospital is not that comfortable,” Hyesoo cracked up a joke.

“Our dancer line isn’t complete without you,” Hoya said, earning a nod from Hyesoo.

“I want to dance another girl group songs with you, Sungyeol hyung, and Sungjong, noona,” L said.

“I’ll be okay, Myung Myung,” Minji smiled and started to eat her lunch.

“Let me feed you, Jji,” Sungyeol said.

“Aww, the happy couple,” Hyesoo teased.

“Soo, if you’re sick I guess Howon will feed you like a little baby also,” Minji said.

“Howon oppa couldn’t feed me gently. You know, he was still awkward to any of those so called romantic acts,” Hyesoo said and playfully elbowed Hoya.

“Howon ah, get on well with it, please. You know, Soo wants to have a romantic oppa. More than Howon who gave her a bouquet of Hoya,” Minji said, teasing Hoya.

“After Jji unni finished her lunch, let’s sing another song,” Hyesoo said.

“I told you I love you?” Sungyeol suggested.

“I can take over Yeonhee noona’s rap and vocal parts,” Hoya beamed.

“Myung ah, would you help me to take my guitar,” Minji pointed to a solid black guitar standing at the corner of the room.

“Oh! And for the last song, Jji noona and I will play the guitar and Howon hyung would sing a duet with Soo~ how’s that,” L playfully smiled, showing his one sided dimple.

“Hey! Why don’t you both sing ‘Entrust’, Howon ah,” Minji said.

“Consider it’s an opportunity to be so called romantic to our baby soo,” Sungyeol teased.

“Leave it to me, I’ll melt you away,” Hoya sang.

“Leave it to me, I’ll wet your heart,”Hyesoo completed the refrain.

“I’ll be the wind blowing by your side,”

“Entrust it to me, that way I’ll give you”

then hoya sang the rap part and held Hyesoo’s hand as he kissed the back of his girl’s hand, earning a squeal from everybody in the room.

ergh, only if I could have someone to sing this song for someone,’ Sunggyu said looking at his dongsaengs; envying each of them who got themselves a girlfriend.



November 22nd, Hoya, Yeonhee, and Hyesoo decided to pay a visit to Hoya and Yeonhee’s parents’ house in Busan. Both Yeonhee and Hoya were really happy that they could visit their parents and also brothers, Hojae and Hojun. They went early in the morning with KTX. And their journey were filmed by Woollim Ent. As a video footage which would be uploaded on Woollim’s official youtube page, and also the special VCR on 4 Goddess special showcase on December 15th.


“This is our house,”Hoya said to the camera while dragging his noona and Hyesoo into a huge mansion in the city of Busan.

“Let’s see if Hojunnie and Hojae were inside,” Yeonhee beamed.

“Yeonhee ah, Howon ah, oh! Hyesoo ya, come In,” a middle aged woman came from the house.

“JeonSoo unni, is umma here?” Yeonhee asked.

“Oh, Master and Mistress were out today. But Hojae ssi and Hojun ssi are here,” she answered.

“Everyone, this unni is our housekeeper, she worked here since I was a baby, Hoya said, flinging his arm to JeonSoo’s shoulder.

“Unni, call my brothers please, I missed them a lot,” Yeonhee said.

“Okay, wait a minute, guys,” Jeonsoo said, climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor, where Hojae and Hojun’s room were.


Few minutes later,

“Noona~, Hyung~,” a boy slightly younger than Hyesoo came downstairs, approaching Yeonhee and Hoya.

“Hojae ah, how was your school?” Yeonhee hugged the boy.

“Bad marks on physics,”Hojae pouted.

“You don’t study, do you?” Yeonhee laughed and ruffled Hojae’s hair.

“Yeonhee ah,” the older boy came out and hugged Yeonhee.

“Hojun oppa, I miss you~” Yeonhee hugged him as Hojae moved to Hoya’s arm.

“Soo, how are you,” Hojun smiled and talked to Hyesoo.

“Fine oppa, how bout you?” she smiled and asked.

“Never been better. I hope our Howon didn’t cause you much trouble,” Hojun said and eyed Hoya playfully, earning a glare from the younger one.

“He did well, oppa. He never lets me cry,” Hyesoo smiled and hugged Hoya’s waist as Hoya blushed badly.

“Since umma and appa are not here, can you drive us somewhere to have lunch, oppa?” Yeonhee pouted.

“Well, I was planning to take you guys to the mall when you come. So, let’s hit the mall,” Hojun smiled.



November 23rd, Woollim’s secret cam invaded 4G and infinite’s dorm early in the morning. They shot all the member’s bare face. The natural faces of them without any make up on. The crew sneaked the cams and pressed onto the bells of each dorm. The leaders were up already and without knowing anything, they opened their doors, jolted fully awake looking at the camera.


4 Goddess’ hidden cam, Woollim 4 Goddess days Season 1:


“Ah! annyeong haseyo~ please come in,” Sungeun said; she was only wearing her pj pants and v-neck tee. “So, let’s invade the maknae line room! They were still deeply asleep,” Sungeun said.

The camera followed her to a room with a hand made sign board “The Room Of, YoungJji and Baby-Soo” was neatly written on the signboard. Minji was sleeping on the lower bunk, soundly; hugging her fluffy teddy bear with her earphones plugged in her ears.

“Jji is sleeping in the lower bunk. She listens to music while she was sleeping,” Sungeun took Minji’s iPod and browsed her playlist. “She was playing Infinite’s ‘cover girl’ on repeat last night,” Sungeun said.

“Wake her up, Sungeun ah,” the producer commanded.

“Jji, WAKEUP!!” Sungeun shouted on Minji’s ear after unplugging her headset from one of her ear.

“Engg.. let me sleep one more minute,” Minji mumbled.

“Open your eyes, greet them,” Sungeun pointed on the camera.

“Andwae,” Minji mumbled and covered her face with her blanket.

“Wake up and go wash,” Sungeun said.

“Annyeong haseyo, everyone,” Minji said to the camera showing an aegyo with her sleepy face.

“Soo, wake up~ we’re rolling!” Sungeun shook Hyesoo’s body gently after turning her iPad off.

“Eung~” Hyesoo cooed and opened her eyes. “NO!” She curled her body inside the blanket after she saw the camera.

“Go wash, soo. School in an hour,” Sungeun reminded.

“Good morning,” Hyesoo climbed down the bunk and showed Woohyun’s famous bunny aegyo.

“Come on, we’ll wake the sleepy head of the group up!” Sungeun gestured the cameraman to follow her to her room, showing Yeonhee sleeping soundly, hugging a tofu doll with woohyun’s photo on its face.

“Her sleeping ability equals to L and Dongwoo’s~” Sungeun said as she pulled down her blanket, leaving no reaction from the sleeping Yeonhee.

“I’ll now take this one out,” Sungeun pulled the tofu doll out of the bed.

Yeonhee still didn’t react.

“It’s hard to wake her up, even though we have a typhoon, she wouldn’t wake up,” Sungeun said.

“Lee Yeonhee, Woohyun is coming, wake up!” Sungeun doing her last resort to wake Yeonhee up.

Yeonhee woke up and showed her sleepy face carelessly, “Good Morning,” she greeted.



Infinite’s dorm, same time, same event, Woollim’s Infinite Days season 2 :

Sunggyu opened the door as the doorbell rang. “Oh, Good Morning,” he smiled to the camera and tidied his hair up.

the cameraman walked into the dorm and began filming Sunggyu waking up the members.

"Hey, look at this!" sungyeol climbed down his bunk and pulled dongwoo’s blanket down, revealing him wearing the famous piggy underwear.

"Wake both of them up and i’ll get namwoo and sungjong up," Sunggyu said.

"Okay, hyung," Sungyeol smirked and punched his fist up. he walked into hoya’s room and waked him up first to get some help to wake L and Dongwoo up.

"Ya! Howon ah, help me. i need you to help me for this. i got stressed up waking up dongwoo hyung and L," Sungyeol pulled Hoya’s blanket and moved his body gently.

"I know right," hoya got up from his bed and went out of the room with sungyeol.

"Hyung! WAKE UP!!" Hoya and sungyeol shouted. still. dongwoo gave no reaction and continued sleeping.

"L ah! WAKE UP!!" both of them shouted at L. same. no response from L as well.

"1 2 3, Pull" Sungyeol and hoya pulled L to sit up with his eyes closed.

"AH hyung! wae you?" L talked in his sleep.

"WAKE UP, L! woori noona is coming!" Hoya said.

"OMG!!" L got wide awake and rushed to the washroom with his best plaids.

Sungyeol and Hoya high-fived and giggled as they moved to Dongwoo.


Chapter 12

Love Like a Yeollipops


Debut D-6

Minji was accompanying Sungyeol to the garage near the dorm to get the car washed and polished when she suddenly felt a major pain on her lower stomach. She had been feeling it since the first half of the year. She squatted down, making Sungyeol worried about her.


“Honey, what happened?” he asked.

“Nothing.. really,” Minji scrunched in pain.

“What happened to you, it’s gonna be your debut soon?” he asked.

“I don’t know it has happened since the spring came this year,” she winced holding back her pain.

“Let me help you,” He immediately put his arm around her waist and helped her into the car.

“Don’t tell this to anybody, I don’t wanna make anybody worried about me,” She said weakly as they got into the car.

“What if hyung asked about what happened to you?” he asked.

“Just tell them I was over exhausted. This is our secret,” Minji pleaded.

“Let me bring you to the doctor,” Sungyeol said, driving the car to the hospital.

“I’ve been checking up regularly.. but I never told anyone of you guys about this,” Minji said.

“Jji,” Sungyeol squeezed Minji’s hand.

“I love you guys, yeol. I don’t want to get you all worried all because of my problems,” Minji said.

“What is your problem?” he asked.

“There’s a 10 cm cyst inside my womb. That hurts my lower stomach occasionally when my period is coming or I feel tired,” Minji said. “Keep it a secret, babe. I beg you,” she pleaded.

“You need to have surgery for that,” Sungyeol said.

“Wait until I finish my debut activities,” Minji said.


Sungyeol nodded and held back his tears. He was touched by how his beloved girlfriend put her personal matters aside to focus for her group’s debut. How could he have such a girlfriend like her? She was a typical girlfriend whom everyone ever wanted. She puts her friends above her personal needs. She never tried to be egoistic or think about herself. But she thinks about the others instead.


“Jji, I.. uh.. I want to say.. something,” Sungyeol stuttered and stop the car on the side of the road.

“What is it, yeol?” she asked, tilting her head in confusion. Sungyeol had never been this nervous before.

“Uhm.. Happy  100th day, babe. I am proud I have you.. although I am lacking in everything, you’re always beside me, making me a yeollie everyone likes,” He hugged Minji tight and kissed her cheeks.

“Ah! I forgot our 100th day.. happy anniversary too, my choding. I love you more than anything else,” she hugged Sungyeol tight.

“I don’t wanna lose you,” Sungyeol said and cried.

“Yeol ah, a cyst won’t kill me,” Minji smiled and broke their hug. She cupped Sungyeol’s face and eased his tears.

“But that was considered large, Minji ah. Considering you would suffer a lot more pain as it grows bigger,” He said in concern.

“Lee Sungyeol, I’ll go for a surgery next month, after our debut promotion finished. I promise!” She smiled.

“Pinky swear?” he offered his pinky finger.

“Pinky swear,” She smiled as he drove way back to the dorm.



“Noona~” Sungjong squealed as Minji and Sungyeol entered the dorm.

“Sungjong ah, what have I missed?” Minji asked.

“Hyesoo and I are going to have college entrance exam tomorrow,” Sungjong pouted.

“Good Luck, jong~” Minji smiled and patted sungjong’s head.

“Soo, you go study. You don’t have to go practice. Eat the candy we gave you,” Yeonhee smiled and patted her dongsaeng.

“Jong, have the honey candy,” Sungeun and Sunggyu gave a box of honey candy to Sungjong.


Everyone was busy helping Sungjong and Hyesoo with their admission tests which would be held the next day while suddenly Minji squatted down, holding her right lower stomach. Sungyeol immediately lift her up, bridal style, and went inside his room to put her on his bed. He took a basin with hot water in it and a set of clean towels. He dipped the towel inside the basin and squeezed it until it was half dried. He then lifted Minji’s tee and put the towel on her stomach and turned on the humidifier in the room.


“Jji, be okay, I beg you,” he cried.

“It’s okay, yeol,” she reassured him and eased his tears.

“I don’t want anything to appear like this, baby,” he said. Tears streaming down from his eyes to his rounded cheeks.

“Gwencana yo, baby. nan gwencanta janha,” She weakly sang a part from “Can U Smile”.

“Hey, where is Jji and yeol?” They could hear Sunggyu looked for them.

Sungyeol stood and washed his face with the water. He walked out of his bedroom, leaving Minji sleeping soundly inside.

“Hyung,” he pretended to yawn as he walked out of his room.

“Where is Jji?” Sunggyu asked.

“She was just having a nap,” Sungyeol simply answered.

“Let me in, you seemed to hide something,” Sunggyu asked.

“It’s not like we had just done something prohibited, hyung, trust me. She was sleeping hyung,” Sungyeol said.

“Show me!” Sunggyu doubted. He seemed to know that both Sungyeol and Minji were hiding something from the entire members.

“Please open carefully, hyung. She’s asleep,” Sungyeol opened the door for Sunggyu. While Sunggyu widened his eyes seeing the towel on her stomach.

“Tell me, what happened to her,” Sunggyu asked apologetically.

“We’d better talk about it out of the room,” Sungyeol dragged him out of the room.

“This is a secret between us, you, me and her, hyung. I beg you,” Sungyeol started after he dragged Sunggyu to the kitchen.

“Yeah, Sungyeol ah. tell me what was happening right now,” he begged.

“Jji was suffering quite a big cyst inside her womb. And she needed the surgery at least a month from now.” Sungyeol stated.

“Gosh, how could I be so unaware of this?” Sunggyu face palmed.

“She forced herself to do her best for her debut stages and promised us to go for a surgery afterward,” Sungyeol said.

“I’ll keep my mouth shut, dongsaeng,” Sunggyu squeezed Sungyeol’s shoulder.



“The Time I Fell For You” MV Filming Location,


Minji sat on one of the bench, waiting for her solo shoot turn. Her legs were covered by Sungyeol’s cute pink Mickey Mouse blanket and she was busy reading her script. She was appointed to be the main character on the MV while Sunggyu was the main male character of the MV. Ji-Ae, Bia, and Park Myungeun were also took part as the co-actor.

The main story of the MV was about a girl who had never fallen in love and had a boyfriend before. The only man who had ever been close to her was only her father and her best friend (who was acted by Leader Gyu). Long story short, that girl had been suffering from a deadly sickness that affected her life. And that boy finally realized that he had fallen for that girl. They ended being together, but only for a short time before the girl finally died.


“Jji,” Sunggyu called. He came out of the changing room, in his first costume.

“Oppa, I’m very nervous,” she said.

“It’s okay. Everything is just gonna be so fine,” Sunggyu reassured.

“You look good in uniforms, oppa, Ji-Ae and Bia too,” Minji smiled as she got into the changing room.


Sungyeol was watching her as he went to change. He was so worried about her. He was afraid that her condition might have dropped down. She had been wearing hot packs around her stomach since they started filming the MV early in the morning.


“Whoa,” Woohyun screamed when he saw Minji walking out of the changing room.

“One of the goddesses is wearing the uniform!” Sungjong squealed.

“I might have fallen for her if she wasn’t Sungyeol’s girl,” Sunggyu said as she approached the boys who were waiting on the set.

“Do I look weird?” she asked, tidying her hair.

“Nah~ so perfect like all the goddesses there,” Sunggyu said and smiled; pointing to the girls who were busy filming their solo shoots.

“Sunggyu ssi, Minji ssi, get yourselves ready for the first set!” The director said.

“Ne~” everyone answered in unison.

“Jji, Hwaiting,” Dongwoo ruffled her hair as they went to the set.

“Debut stage in 3 days!” Myungsoo gave her a little punch on her arm.

“Thanks, Myung,” Minji said.


The filming finally ended after almost 12 hours of filming. Minji went back to the changing room, she asked the stylist teams for the spare hot packs. She put them around her stomach and covered them with her clothes, hiding them from the members. She put on her cardigan and her coat. Sungyeol waited for her outside the waiting room, bringing her backpack. Minji walked out of the changing room and immediately hugged sungyeol’s arm. Sungyeol handed her backpack and walked with her.


“Hot packs?” he tapped Minji’s stomach.

“Yeah, it hurts sometimes,” Minji pouted.

“I know it right. Don’t force yourself,” He said and flung his arm around Minji’s shoulder.

"I am still okay, babe. don’t worry. i am a strong jji, right," she smiled as she intertwined her hand to Sungyeol’s.

"I love you, my yeollipop," Sungyeol said as both of them got into the van.